photo of a beagleIn order to insure that your furry companion will eat right and remain healthy, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. offers valuable insights and recommendations.

In a recent article entitled: “The Healthy Hound: Raising a Nutritarian Dog,” Dr. Fuhrman aims “to help those who follow a Nutritarian lifestyle to extend this health and longevity-promoting eating style to their furry friends.”

In addition, Dr. Fuhrman would like you to participate in “a study on the lifespan and health of Nutritarian dogs” and would like you to keep “track of what you feed your pet, and all health and lifespan parameters.”  On a yearly basis, Dr. Fuhrman would like you to send him a “detailed description of your dog’s diet and his health.”  This is an important  opportunity to assist Dr. Fuhrman in his scientific research.

He provides the following list of acceptable commercial meat-based raw dog foods:

Answers Detailed
Aunt Jeni’s Homemade
Bravo HomeStyle Complete
Northwest Naturals
Fresh is Best
Wysong Archetype
Primal Patties
Bravo Balance
Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Bites

Dr. Fuhrman also suggests the following plant-based diet for your dog:

Use some or many of these items below in your plant mix, or vary and rotate them.

  1. Take one of the following cooked root vegetables or squashes:
    Sweet potato, carrots, beets, rutabaga, turnips, parsnips, butternut, acorn or winter squash.
  2. Mix with a cooked green vegetable:
    Broccoli, string beans, zucchini, cabbage, snow peas, okra, frozen peas.
  3. Mix with a small amount of raw vegetable (finely chopped or blended):
    Kale, lettuce, cabbage, arugula.
  4. Add: Some beans or tempeh, mash in well.
  5. Add: Some nuts and seeds, ground or as nut butters  (smaller amounts)
  6. Add: Some frozen or fresh fruit (smaller amounts)
    Use a food processor or blend the above into coarse slurry and mash or mix in with raw meat mix.
  7. Add: A small amount of ground flax seeds or chia seeds and a full dropper of Dr. Fuhrman’s DHA-EPA Purity.

For more information, please visit Dr. Fuhrman’s website.





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