Is There Still Hope for Couch Potatoes?

picture of couch potato

A recent (7/27/16) article in The Lancet entitled: “Does Physical Activity Attenuate or Even Eliminate, the Detrimental Associations of Sitting Time with Mortality? A Harmonized Meta-Analysis of Data from More than 1 Million Men and Woman,” indicates that moderate physical activity of 60 to 75 minutes per day appears to eliminate the increased mortality risks associated with high total sitting time.

Interestingly, high physical activity can have a positive impact but does not eliminate the risk from viewing TV for long hours a day.

Watching TV for three or more hours a day is associated with an increased health risk among all viewers, except for the most active. Even more alarming, watching TV for five hours or more a day is associated with an increased hazard for all causes of mortality, regardless of activity level.


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